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The design is progressing through a stage of rigorous testing and analysis of detail options. This process has resulted in 11 options so far, each with various sub-options, which are assessed and analyzed in design workshops with the design team, other members of Duggan Morris Architects and other external consultants including the structural engineer (Elliott Wood) and the environmental engineer (Skelly and Couch).

The option studies have been concerned with the following;

-Location of cores, including means of escape, position of staircases, lifts and circulation areas.
-Size and location of voids and solids, including internal and external terraces.
-Environmental considerations including sunlight and daylight penetration into the spaces and the ability to cross-ventilate them with fresh air.
– Location and number of toilets.
– Accessibility and ease of circulation.
– Variation in sizes of spaces.
– Distribution of the various types of spaces in the building (teaching, office, break-out, exhibition).
-Anticipated typical and maximum occupancy.

Simultaneously, the team have been developing a series of options for the skin and frame of the building and are investigating various methods of testing skin design options.


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