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Monthly Archives: May 2010

A full publication will be made in due course of the ‘Brief for a New Learning Centre’. It will include many of the technical aspects of the brief for the building as well as a more colorful and descriptive part which describes the programme of activities to be considered within it. The building is imagined as a ‘pavilion for learning’ and was animated by Duggan Morris Architects in the form of  a story called ‘A Day in the life of the New Learning Centre’. When finalised and published the document will be available for download here. The response to the brief from the Trustees Group was positive and it’s key proposals are now being discussed in detail by the Team and SLAM CF.


Frontline and Duggan Morris Architects invited Paul Mitchel from SLAM CF to join them on a tour of a new learning centre at the Swiss University Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL) to have a look at what the Japaneese architects SANAA have done there. For a full analysis of the building and more images visit the Building Visit section.

Jane Sayer (SLaM FT), Ken Cowdery (Frontline) and Mark Shaw (Duggan Morris Architects) visited a number of buildings completed within the last 10 years which had a similar programme or aspirations to Project Learning Potential. For a full Itinerary and detailed description/comment visit the Building Visit pages.